Wall Street Journal Report Talks about the “iPad Mini”

Just as how the pre-iPhone 5 rumors and speculations were “delivered” to netizens, a number of similar rumors and speculations have come out, this time touching up on the fabled “iPad Mini”.

A Wall Street Journal would be one of the latest, with a report going as far as saying that the “iPad Mini” is already in production. Certain specifications of the device have also come out in the report, noting that the “iPad Mini’s” 7.85 inch screen won’t come with the exact screen resolution of Apple’s Retina Display.

Street Journal Report Talks about the “iPad Mini”
The report also notes that the production of the “iPad Mini’s” screen has been left as responsibilities for LG Display Co and AU Optronics Corp, with the report indicating that production for the screens has been ongoing since last month.

Other rumors revolving around the “iPad Mini” circulates around two forecasted versions of the device, one to come with hardware support for cellular data connections and another to come without.

The subject of its official name has also been speculated and talked about in other reports (not from the Wall Street Journal), with factions convinced that the device is going to be officially dubbed as the “iPad Mini” as another group says it will be “iPad Air”.

Another report which touches up on the location of its production site note that the device is being made in Brazil, which is somewhat contradictory to the Wall Street Journal Report which notes that the screens are being produced in Asia.

With many convinced that the device will be unveiled by late October, it appears that we are all in for a new set of rumors and “leaks” covering the fabled “iPad Mini”.

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