Want a job at Google, Apple or Facebook? Here's How to Do it!

We have found helpful facts that could help you get a job at Google, Apple and Facebook. There will be stiff competition as 1 in 4 young professionals out there would want to work for one of these companies. However there is not enough room for all these people so it ends up being that 1 in every 250 ends up working there. Facebook gets 250,000 application per year and sorts through them to find the best of the best and obviously preferring those people who build things, app or organisations. Apple looks for fanboys to help create the next generation of gadgetry, and you must get a reference from someone who is currently working there.

So as you can see the competition is tough and getting picked is even tougher. The tech field is blooming and industry is in need of young talet to keep innovating. Here has some interesting facts that we have found:

  • An IT manager can make more than $110,000 a year
  • Android app developers are especially coveted
  • Data mining and statistical analysis are ideal collegiate specializations

Are you one of those young professionals looking to land a job at one of those companies? Well if you are then look below there is some interesting advice for you. There are tips on how to make your CV better, how to get an interview and how to make the best impression to impress the HR team.

If you already have a job at one of these companies then feel free to give us advice from your insight.

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