Want To Buy The iPhone 5? Here’s How To Turn Your iPhone 4 Into $250

iphone 4 black

Everyone now has finally known that Apple is going indeed to announce the new iPhone next week. We have been waiting for long enough and we can’t believe that it is just a week away. This means that the opportunity for Apple fans that want to upgrade to sell their old iPhone 4 is pretty much now, as the buyer will not be very much aware of what is going on the Apple front.

We have heard of someone that is willing to buy your iPhone and with a good price too. Have you heard about NextWorth.com?? It is no promising to give any iPhone 4 owner $250 for it, a $50 premium for their trade in price. This is unbelievable right?

What are the requierments? Your iPhone must be :

– An iPhone 4

– 16 GM or 32GB

– Working in good condition

– Has no heavy scratches or cracks.


The CMO of NextWorth, Jeff Trachsel, has been quoted saying,

“With so much uncertainty surrounding the launch of the iPhone 5, we wanted to take the guesswork out of wondering when to upgrade/sell your old phone. Combined with the 21-day price lock, the extra $50 for trading up to the new iPhone through NextWorth is a no-brainer.”

So if you are interested then now is the time to contact them.


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