Warning for iOS 6.1 Users: Battery-drain and overheating issues reported in the new mobile OS Version

While Apple’s iOS 6.1 had successfully rolled out some two weeks ago, various reports note that it has led to battery drain and overheating issues, as expressed by iPhone users.

Mashable reports that there have been various concerns raised by iPhone users delving into the above mentioned problems, with Vodafone UK even reported to have actually informed their iPhone 4S subscribers to NOT upgrade to the new version, lest they want to experience 3G-related performance problems.

Based on the report, different Apple Support Community threads tell of how their handsets had quickly drained out their batteries after upgrading to iOS 6.1, with one iPhone 5 user sharing that the drain went as much as 35% overnight, with the mobile not exactly doing anything resource intensive.

In contrast, one iPhone 3G user shares that the update actually enhanced the battery performance of the mobile. As of writing, Apple has yet issued a statement regarding the battery performance difference between iPhone handset versions.

Apart from battery life-related issues, reports of poor 3G performances with the new iOS 6.1 had also come up, along with issues delving into an iPhone’s body heat.

But just as with the reported battery-drain issues, reports regarding the matter have been conflicting, with some indicating that there had been no change in the performance of 3G connectivity speeds, depending on the actual iPhone handset version in question.

Have you been experiencing any problems with the new iOS 6.1? Or are you among the lucky iPhone users whose iPhones have performed better with the update?

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