Watch Free Full-Length Movies via YouTube On Your Device

There’s nothing better than getting something for free, so long as it’s not stolen of course! Movies for example, but we love free movies even more. Thanks to iPhoneInCanada, we can now watch some free movies on our iPhones too.

To join in the free-fun, point Mobile Safari to While the site doesn’t load a mobile specific page, the desktop one should work just fine on an iPhone (or iPad for that matter). Choose your movie and you’re good to go. The image above shows just a few of the titles featured on the UK version of the site.

YouTube Movies offers a wide range of free content – and we’re not talking snippets either. Each movie is full-length and the quality is great considering some of the content. While you’re not going to find any big blockbuster titles on offer, we’re sure there are some hidden gems on offer and for the reasonable sum of nothing, who’s going to complain?

If you’ve got a spare couple of hours that need killing give it a shot. You really have nothing to lose.

Except maybe some battery life.


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