What Kind of Smartphones to Buy

There are practically many kinds of smartphones available in the market today. There are chic and sassy, practical and classy, dependable and easy to use. However, which one should you choose? What kind of smartphone should you buy? Regardless of what you want to buy based on its look, feel and price, buying a smartphone should best cater to your needs. What good is a smartphone when it does not keep you well-rounded at work or when it does not seem to assist you in your business? At the end of the day, it is not how popular a smartphone is, but how it can help meet your needs and requirements.

When choosing popular cellphones, there are guidelines to check on which exactly will serve you appropriately and efficiently. The most vital thing that you need to look for in choosing a smartphone is its chief operating system. These are Android, Windows Phone 7, Apple IOS and the Blackbery OS.

What Kind of Smartphones to Buy
Now, let’s tackle the systems one by one.

Apple IOS – this system by Apple has easy to use interface, very unique and user friendly software combinations and numerous applications that are of high quality. It has many features like the iTunes for music, books and other useful apps. The voice that prompts is the one that is amazing of all, Apple’s Siri. With this operating system, users can enjoy its offerings but with several limitations as compared to the other operating system of Android.

Android – This operating system is being used by different types of smartphones. It was the first who introduced the HD screens providing better and clearer picture views, 4G LTE and high-speed cameras to name a few. Because of its integration with various social networking sites, the Android operating system is usually chosen by those who cannot resist Facebook and Twitter. What is just disadvantageous in using the Android operating system is its susceptibility to malware attacks because of its openness to various applications, making it more as a threat to safety and security and even to the extent of totally destroying the whole system.

Blackberry OS

Businessmen would love this operating system because it can help access emails securely through the RIM’s servers. When you talk about great security, Blackberry could stand out but is not really competitive in terms of screen resolutions and choices of apps.

Windows Phone 7 -Operating System

If you love Microsoft services, then the Windows Phone 7 – Operating system can be very helpful. It provides information at a glance and makes pinning fast and easy. However, there are limitations as far as applications are concerned and the phone and its specs are not updated and obviously, falls way behind the other competing smartphones.

So, which one should you choose and what kind of smartphone should you buy? Get your dream smartphone this Christmas and choose the one that offers the best service according to your needs. Quality, dependability, functionality and affordability keep you scouting for the best one!

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