WhatsApp for the iOS to implement subscription-based terms by end of the year

TechCruch reports that the cross-platform mobile messaging app WhatsApp will be implementing a new subscription-based business model as its core operational dynamic.

In an interview with Jan Koum, CEO of WhatsApp, the report indicates that the new subscription-based model could translate to an annual free of $1, considering that the company’s other subscription-based services are priced as such. No official pricing scheme has yet been announced in the report.

The report also indicates that new users of the app-service are subject to the new subscription-based business model, with current users expected to be subjected to the new subscription terms by the end of the year.

As an application-service offering WhatsApp’s popularity as a messaging platform of choice is well known to iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry users.

With statistics noting that the service deals with 17 billion messages in one day, the service’s evident growth and active list of users, pegged to me more than 100 million on Android alone, says a lot about how huge WhatsApp is.

As the current WhatsApp pricing scheme allows for ad-free versions of the app, the new subscription-based business model of the service is forecasted to come with enhancements and new feature sets.

Though video streaming and a desktop-based version of the suite hasn’t been talked about in full detail, the updates are deemed to be a most likely upcoming feature in WhatsApp’s future version installments and releases.

Current WhatsApp users are advised to take note of upcoming in-app announcements detailing WhatsApp’s new terms of service.

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