When an iPhone gets wet

As fully featured as the iPhone may be, it isn’t waterproof and given its portable form as a gadget, iPhones getting wet are not unheard of cases, with numerous iPhone users having the bad luck of loosing their iPhone’s functionality due to water.

If your iPhone does ever get wet, here are some quick tips over what to do, in ensuring that it would still work.

Getting it out of the water – as a first step, getting an iPhone away from harm’s way, regardless if its submerged in a bucket or is getting wet by drips from the ceiling, has to be done fast.

If you’re fast and lucky enough, there’s a chance that only the outer components of the iPhone got wet, sparing its insides from the dangers of water on circuitry. Regardless of the extent of water involved, turning off your iPhone is a must do when it accidentally gets into contact with water.

Drying your iPhone – with water being a conductor for electric current, having wet circuits could lead to disaster, permanently damaging your iPhone. As such, getting it dry has to be a priority when an iPhone gets wet.

Dry the iPhone’s external components with an absorbent cloth, along with its port areas and button sides/rims. If your iPhone provider allows you to remove your SIM card, do so.


Put it in a dry area, and allow the (possible) water inside to evaporate. 48 hours of letting it dry is often said to be the ideal drying time.

The Dry Rice Technique – the dry rice technique, when talking about drying gadgets which accidentally get wet, involves the use of dry rice, a plastic bag and the gadget in question.

Simply put some rice in a plastic bag with the wet gadget (the iPhone, in this case) inside, and let it stay. The dry rice helps absorb the water inside gadgets, being a natural desiccant.

When things don’t go well – if drying your iPhone doesn’t work, then it is time to face facts, and consider having your iPhone being serviced for repair. If your iPhone’s warranty covers it, you could even get a replacement unit, which would translate to having a new iPhone.

Should your iPhone accidentally get wet, give the abovementioned tips a go. Alternatively, you may also head down to an authorized iPhone service center, but this is altogether up to you.

Here’s hoping that this info would come in handy when your iPhone does get wet.

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