Check MyGreatFest Time According To Your City (All Cities)

MyGreatFest, the largest event for jailbreak fans, will start tomorrow at 9 AM GMT tomorrow streaming live from London, UK. Unfortunately we won’t be there to cover the event live but MyGreatFest already has its own live streaming so you can watch it directly from your home.We want to thank for this post .

During MyGreatFest, many secrets may be revealed to the jailbreak community. The iPhone hacker P0sixninja will be there and will take the stage for 65 minutes. Also Jay Freeman, better known as Saurik, will be there for 70 minutes.

This indicates that iOS 5 untethered jailbreak status may be announced since both the iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team are working on it. Also Cydia For Mac may be announced there as there  has been no word about it since a while ago.

For our jailbreak fans, we’ll be covering anything announced or revealed during MyGreatFest event. We’ll make a post for live streaming video tomorrow once the event begins.

In case you don’t know when will it begin at your country, well, you can check this time table below:

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