When will the iPhone 5 be available for purchase?

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We have recieved confirmations that the iPhone 5 will be indeed launched on the 4th of October, but how long will we have to wait till we can find the device in stores and be able to purchase it. We have now received reports that the iPhone 5 will arrive in the U.S, Japan and some parts of Europe only from the middle of next month.

Reports have been received from the Japanese website called Macotakara stating that the iPhone 5 will be launched in the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, and Japan on October 14. This is 10 days after the rumored iPhone launched, which has been just confirmed by Apple as we have just posted for our readers.

You may ask, why are we believing these rumors? We expect that these rumors are true because, as we have previously reported, that Apple has stopped all employee vacations during the time around October 14th and October 15th, defending this decision by saying that they are anticipating a large number of customer demand during this time. Also we are led to believe the source as they have been right before when they have posted about other rumors. Other reports have been received from Orange France which were given by its CEO, Stephane Richard, that suggested that the launch day will be on the October 15th.

We received reports by this site back in March that Apple was not ready for the launch of the fifth generation iPhone in June and that the announcement will be delayed. October 14th is a Friday, and is not the first time that Apple announces an iPhone just before the weekend. If we remember correctly Apple launched the iPhone 1, iPhone 3 and  the iPhone 3GS on Fridays on 2007, 2008 and 2009 respectively. Between all the iPhones the iPhone 4 is the only one that has not been launched on a Friday.


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