Where is Samsung?

In the realm of electronic gadgets for consumers, the fact that brands sub-contract other brands in the creation of certain parts for certain product offerings isn’t really a big secret.

For Apple’s next iPhone, word has it that three developers of LCD screens are gearing up on the production of 4” screens, to start building them as early as June this year.

Japan Display Inc, Sharp and LG display have been tapped by Apple in churning out a bigger, brighter screen for the next iPhone installment, with reports based on a Reuters story.

The story’s details matches with the report of an earlier released Wall Street Journal report, which talks about how Apple has initiated the production orders of 4 inch sized screens to be-used in the construction of the new iPhone.

Many aren’t all that surprised to hear about the aforementioned rumors, but are rather questioning the absence of a name within the list of LCD suppliers – Where is Samsung?

Both the Reuters and Wall Street Journal reports didn’t mention Samsung in their report details.

Samsung has long been a supplier for Apple, a setup which has left many in-the-know Apple consumers piqued and amused (with some rather annoyed) with the whole scenario. Rivals in the mobile gadgets industry, Samsung is even noted to be the primary supplier of the iPad 3’s famed Retina display.

Sharp and LG Display has produced screens for Apple in the past, as the new partnership stands to be a debut-act for Japan Display Inc and Apple.

Speculations over the 4” sized screens are inclined to say that the move is in response to Samsung’s Galaxy S III (with its 4.8 AMOLED screen), and says something about the reasons why Samsung wasn’t contracted to produce the screens.

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