Whited00r’s App Time Machine

As the leading custom firmware of choice for old gen iPhones and iPod Touch units, Whited00r’s latest version – Whited00r 7 – has earned the nods of countless old gen iDevice owners, given the well-thought-of features and function sets built into it.

Affording the owners of 1st gen iPhones, the iPhone 3G, 1st gen iPod Touch and 2nd gen iPod Touch units with a functional alternative to the default OS version offering, the custom firmware is essentially a modified version of the iOS 3, “reformulated” by a team of like-minded developers and beta testers who are one in making it available for free.

Though it remains to be on iOS 3, the firmware’s overall functionality and featured support for additional functions like push notifications, multitasking and an improved camera app define it as the best functional alternative there is.

Whited00r 7

Its exclusive App Time Machine also stands out as a unique Whited00r offering, which, in the simplest of terms, affords Whited00r users with a set of old app versions that are compatible with iOS 3-based devices.

Whited00r users can still access the regular App Store, though they may experience certain difficulties in installing the most current versions of featured applications. The App Time Machine, as its name would somewhat already imply, is intent on resolving issues related to iOS and app version compatibility, still making it functional and relevant in terms of app support, downloads and installations.

Though not exactly a direct mirror to the new iOS 7, Whited00r 7 is certainly a must-install firmware for old gen iDevice owners.

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