Why Siri For iPhone 4, iPod Touch Can’t Be Released Right Now!

We posted a few days ago that Siri can now be ported to the  iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G and also connect to the Apple servers successfully. This was done by developers chpw and stroughtonsmith. However, Siri on older Apple devices will not be released just yet. Why you may ask? Well, we now have the answer for you.

The developer chpwn published on his blog and explained why they will not be able to release the instructions to install Siri on older Apple devices running on iOS 5 and get it connected to the Apple servers. The reason is because Apple owns the copyright on the software, images, and data used inside iOS. Siri files which should be extracted from the iPhone 4S’ or from its iOS 5 IPSW are copyrighted to Apple. Therefore no on can copy or distribute or even change these files.

So will it be impossible to realease Siri on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G? Well, when there is a will there is a way, for now you can take the files from your iPhone 4S and send them to your iPhone 4 or any other device and there you have it Siri, of course this requires that you have an iPhone 4S, but if you already have it then you already have Siri.

Just from that, you currently must already own an iPhone 4S to install Siri on it without a blatant copyright violation. But even that’s not all: if you do all of that, there’s still a few more reasons why Siri won’t just work.

Another method to get Siri on older devices:

The issue with the second method is more technical: the firmware files are distributed encrypted, and we do not yet have the decryption key to access the Siri files inside of the iPhone 4S firmware file.

However, there is still hope. Siri on older devices can be installed once an untethered iPhone 4S jailbreak is available

When we have the ability to decrypt the encrypted iPhone 4S firmware file — to extract the Siri files legally, without the need for an iPhone 4S — and we have an iPhone 4S jailbreak to obtain the other nececssary information at a mass scale, hopefully this can become a reality and everyone can try out Siri on their older devices. Until then, showing you a video that it is possible is the best we can do.

This makes use look forward even more for the iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak.

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