Why Verizon sides with Samsung in Apple litigation ?

As reported by the Daring Fireball, Verizon Wireless as taken sides in the Samsung and Apple legal war. Verizon asked the court not to issue the injunction that Apple requested against Samsung, backing this up by stating that this was not in the public interest.

The real question here is why would Verizon back up Samsung, even though that it not has the iPhone? Could it be that Verizon is not happy with then iPhone 5?

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Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam quoted that he was expecting to have the iPhone 5 this summer and blames with the main reason that it is missing targets for the third quarter. Verizon is not seeing the LTE money they were expecting and at the same time Samsung is selling a large number of LTE phones and tablets that Verizon intends to capitalize. Obviously!

Can you think about it ? Can you answer this question ? Why Verizon sides with Samsung in Apple litigation ?

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