Will Apple roll out OS X 10.9 soon?

Will Apple be rolling out the next version of its OS X system – OS X 10.9 – this year?

A report from Apple Insider has something to say about the matter.

In its report, it is revealed that traffic logs for the site note that there are a number of visits from machines running on an unannounced OS X 10.9 have been up and about.

Traffic from Apple's unannounced OS X 10.9 continues to grow

Based on the report, it is revealed that visits to the site from those machines have been happening since October last year, spiking up recently when the month of January ended, with the frequency essentially saying something about just what is up with an upcoming operating system and those visits.

The report notes that “Evidence of Apple testing OS X 10.9 first surfaced late last year, when AppleInsider tracked a handful of visits from machines running the next-generation operating system in the month of October. But while October visits from OS X 10.9 were around three dozen total, the number swelled into the thousands in the just-concluded month of January.”

Also, the report reiterates that Apple has steadily made a habit out of releasing a new operating system each year, with summer being the typical launch date.

If precursors would fall in place with Apple’s release and update trends, the overall details of the Apple Insider report would match with the up and about rumors of Apple soon to roll out a new operating system.

Should Apple actually follow its schedule, it appears that a new Mac OS X is indeed in store by the summer of 2013.

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