Windows Rumors: 70% price cuts and Android apps on Windows 8

After the rumors of Microsoft intent on rolling out Office for the iPad first than for its Windows 8 version, another rumor that essentially says that Microsoft is cutting down its aggressive stance in the market have come up.

According to a Bloomberg report, Microsoft is reportedly going to cut Windows pricing by 70%, as a means of once again capturing the bigger cut of the computer systems market share.


With the mobile market space already dominated by Google and Apple, the report notes that, under the alleged pricing scheme, OEM companies can readily offer Windows 8.1-driven products for $15, to be installed on devices that are rated to cost no less than $250.

The report also indicates that Microsoft won’t be all that choosy with the type of products being talked about, only that the company would be particular about how the offering of OEM companies can fit with their given pricing specifications.

The rumored price cut is backed by other rumors that note that the company is also keen on the rollout of new Windows devices, a move which the smartphone and tablet segment have been steadily quick on.

Another rumor also notes that the company is also “seriously considering” the running of Android apps on the for-PC and mobile versions of its new Windows OS.

While these rumors are simply rumors, the possibility of Microsoft actually seeing through their fruition, given how much it had lost over the past couple of years, has certainly got a lot of inquisitive minds piqued.

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