Windows’ Security Hacker hired by Apple

As a response to the increasing number of threats targeting Apple’s OS X computer operating system platform, Apple welcomed Kristin Paget, a former employee of Microsoft, into its ranks.

During her stint with Microsoft, Paget once worked with a team of hackers, tasked to look into “holes and gaps” in Windows’ Vista operating system, thus the implications that Apple is closely looking into the security issues and threats currently present in the OS X operating system platform.

Kristin Paget
The report of Apple hiring Paget is backed by an update in her LinkedIn Profile page, noting that she had been a “Core OS Security Researcher at Apple” since September, following after her sentiments in the same page noting that she had wanted a job which focused on “security-focused hardware”.

The OS X operating system platform has long been considered as “neutral grounds” for viruses and malware attacks, with the general consensus noting that a huge chunk of malware had been developed to target Microsoft’s products.

The recent popularity of Apple’s products, desktop systems and portable, has affected that status, resulting to an increase in the number of malware and viruses targeting the platform.

Though the actual duties and tasks of Paget is still unclear, it is speculated that she will most likely be dealing with potential threats like the Flashback Trojan, estimated to have affected more than half a million computers early this year.

Given how aggressive viruses and malware have been in the last couple of years, it was only a matter of time until Apple had to come up with a stronger security system for their products, with the hiring of Paget ascribed to be among its undertaken steps to remedy the situation.

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