With Apple’s inconsistent naming structure, what will the next iPhone be called?

Unlike other Apple products the iPhone doesn’t really have a proper naming structure.  We’re currently on the 5th generation phone, but it’s called the 4s.  Similarly, the second generation was called the 3g.  So with all this confusion over names, what exactly is Apple calling the latest and greatest iPhone?

Apple is set to announce the sixth generation iPhone later this year.  There have been a lot of “iPhone 6 rumors” and even “iPhone 5s rumors” making their way across the internet, but is it going to be called that?  There are a three naming possibilities that Apple can go with here, and iPhone 6 is only one – because it’s the 6th generation.  Makes sense right?

However, currently the latest version of the iPhone is called the 4s.  So this leaves open the possibility of it being called the iPhone 5.  If you’re not confused yet, you will be soon – there is one more choice Apple can use.
iPhone 6
The second generation was called the 3g because it supported 3g networks.  Many people assume the iPhone will now support 4g, so logically it could also be called the iPhone 4g.

Our confusion will however soon come to an end.  If this announcement coincides with previous announcements, the latest phone will be announced in just a couple of months.  Usually Apple has its keynotes in the summer – around September.  One thing’s for sure, there has been a new iPhone release every year for the last five years, so it’s coming very soon.

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