Wozniak’s hopes on the iPhone 5

As Apple recently celebrated the unveiling of its newest iPhone 5, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak raised his sentiments and expectations over the new smartphone in an interview with Bloomberg.

Particularly focused on the quality of images one can capture with the iPhone 5, Wozniak himself hoped that the new phone will get to perform better than the Galaxy S III, referring to a Galaxy S III phone which he uses.

Wozniak’s hopes on the iPhone 5
“A better quality on the pictures will mean a lot, because when I show people pictures on my iPhone 4 and my Galaxy S III, they always say the Galaxy S III, or even the Motorola Razr, pictures look better,” shared Wozniak in the interview.

With the iPhone 5 being the first Apple smartphone released without Steve Jobs, a lot is at stake with how the new phone would perform, given the phenomenal success the mobile series has had since its debut.

With Apple’s recent “courtroom brush” with Samsung, there’s a likely chance where electronic consumers from all over the world will be closely looking into the new iPhone’s performance once it hits retail markets.

Regarding the two companies’ patent battles, Wozniak was quick to say, “I hate it.”

“I don’t think the decision of California will hold. And I don’t agree with it – very small things I don’t really call that innovative. I wish everybody would just agree to exchange all the patents and everybody can build the best forms they want to use everybody’s technologies.”

Though it is too soon to tell if the iPhone 5 will cause a paradigm shift in the standards of smartphones and mobiles, the fact remains that its larger-sized screen does not really come as an appealing aspect that’s enough to draw in more users.

Matched with the prevalence of “budget friendly” mobiles (like Motorola’s Droiz Razer M) featuring similar or larger sized screens, 1GHz or more processors, adequate storage features and a price tag that doesn’t put a consumer in debt for a year or two, the iPhone 5 has a lot of things it has to consider winning over, apart from simply being backed by the Apple brand name.

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