Yahoo-Apple partnership reported to be underway

While it’s a known fact that Apple syndicates content from Yahoo for its own content-based applications, rumors of a stronger Yahoo-Apple partnership currently underway has recently come up.

Featured in a report published by the Wall Street Journal, the report notes that the two IT conglomerates are intently entertaining the thought of expanding their current partnership terms, with the move essentially described by netizens as the two companies’ take in competing with Google.

Yahoo-Apple partnershipCurrently, Yahoo-related content can be found in the iOS’ Stocks app, along with weather related information in Apple’s Weather application. Sports stats can also be found via Safari mobile’s custom search features, just as they are accessible via Apple’s Siri.

Citing a source who is revealed to be familiar with the ongoing negotiations, the news of an Apple-Yahoo partnership doesn’t exactly come as off, considering the potential Yahoo has in delivering a unique web experience to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users.

With the iPhone and iPad taking a significant share in the overall mobile industry market, an extended Apple-Yahoo partnership would be mutually beneficial for both parties, just as an extended partnership would also offer iDevice and Yahoo users with relevant content and featured services.

It is still unclear exactly how the alleged partnership would go, but given its inherent prospects and potentials, a deeper Yahoo and iOS integration remains to be at the top of different forum site discussions.

What do you think? Think an Apple-Yahoo partnership is really going to take root? If it does, will it actually cause a dent in Google’s overall standing in the mobile biz?

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