Yahoo’s Flickr 3.0 for iOS

As it continues to reinvent itself in its standing in the digital realms, Yahoo recently rolled out a new version of its Flickr application for iOS-driven devices.

Featuring a complete redesign of its user interface, the new and updated Flickr 3.0 for iOS also comes with features that are comparable to other photo storage and sharing applications, and more.

Yahoo flickr iOS

Donning flatter, more minimalist icons, the latest version of the app adds support for HD video, allowing users to add 30 seconds’ worth of videos. Also featuring a new set of filters for images and stills, the same filter effects could be implemented on videos. The latest Flickr for iOS also highlights an improved search function, including search command options based on the times and dates when images were taken, along with search options for location based searches, keyword searches and more.

With its new set of functional updates and revamped user interface, the new Flickr for iOS – in it entirety – now closely resembles other applications like Instagram, only that it is backed by Flickr’s impressive 1 TB cloud based storage service feature, which is accessible to users via the iOS suite.

iDevice owners with the updated Flickr 3.0 for iOS have a lot to gain from the updated version of the app, from its featured support for filters, intuitive user interface and huge online-based storage data storage space.

What say you dear reader? Are the new features of the updated Flickr 3.0 enough to let you ditch your activities and stored images on Instagram?

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