Zypr, a system like Siri but with a free and open API

If you live on planet Earth and are interested minimally in technology, surely you know about Siri the command and control software via voice is the star of the iPhone 4S phone. Since then the idea of Cupertino is not new (the hands-free car, many home automation applications, the virtual hostess Anna from Ike …) That arises is why there is Zypr, a similar system (also performs oriented tasks such as Apple’s toy) developed by the Japanese giant Pioneer … yes, Pioneer, really.

The peculiarities about Zypr is that it offers a free API service (you just need a user account to get your API key and start tinkering with it in your applications) and provides full connectivity to the major social networks (you know, Twitter, Facebook, Google +…) in a way transparent to the developer itself. That is, you can create, for example, a Twitter client in which you can update via voice as well as you can give voice commands such as ‘Update my Twitter with “Engadget Dev Blog is the best development of the world”‘ quickly and easily … or at least it should be, another thing will be the reality, of course.

Ps on GitHub there is repository with a Zypr Java client if you want to some testing.

Track | Ars Technica
More info | Zypr


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