Best NBA Apps for Basketball Fans

With the NBA playoffs in full swing, getting your latest update on your fave basketball squad is certainly a must-have. It’s a no brainer. Well, don’t fret. With technology on your side, there’s plenty of carry-everywhere gadgets that will vie for your attention. Saving you precious dollars to get to the event yourself. If only you can get your hands on the best apps to satisfy your increasing appetite.

Below are some of the best apps that should give you that vital peek you need. The good thing is for the most part, you could maximize on these on an Android universe or get your fair share from the iOS world. So there’s no sense putting your i-tablet away together with their equally-elegant iPad mini keyboard case.

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Basketball

This offering may already be a staple for hardcore NBA fans. Simulating a real NBA conference, you get to manage your own team, keeping a close eye on stats and updates. In short, see your team through like you really own one. In fact, you can talk to other managers and arrange a game of sorts.

NBA Game Time

If you want to get it straight from the horse’s mouth, then this is the app you’ve been looking for. NBA Game Time is the official NBA app giving you all the updates and stats that you need, when you need it most. So you don’t just get the latest in scores and team stats, with a League Pass, you can watch every detail of live games happening right before your very eyes – on your fave gadget, of course.

So if you’re itching to see Dwight Howard muscle his way to a first win against the Trailblazers, or KD carry his OKC team a notch higher against the Grizzlies, get NBA Game Time. It is hard to disappoint.


This want to get social about your team and in any aspect of the NBA, GetGlue is for you. Here you get full support for your sports check-ins which includes a unique liking system for each and every team. GetGlue keeps the discussion flowing so your eagerness to share your view or carry a point through won’t fall on deaf ears or get lost in the silence.


If you don’t want to be left out with the latest, theScore could be your best shot. With updates right after every game, you’d make sure you’re in tiptop shape to defend your fave teams when unfriendlies challenge your position.


Well, why wait for the games to amuse you, bring the games right on your fave gadget. Yes, NBA Jam has been such a classic arcade game. Assuring you you’d get loads and loads of fun without spending a fortune. Just a dollar actually.