Siri On iPad 2 Is Possible ! (Photo)

Early Today we have posted that the Siri ported successfully  to the iPhone 4, and now it seems that Siri on iPad 2 is possible . Here’s screenshot shows Siri on iPad 2 is real .

The screenshot shows the Settings of Siri on iPad 2 :

That’s what the iPhone hacker iH8sn0w Said:

 Excellent news. Siri is not just compiled specifically for the A5 (s5l8940x) processor

Which means the A5 processor is not the problem and the proof that it’s working on iPhone 4, not working well but it’s possible and we think that the iPhone hackers will take care about that .

Siri On iPad 2 :

Sonny Dickson the iOS developer has announced that he could port Siri in the settings app of the iPad 2. Siri on iPad 2 should be available soon.

Interesting, right ? What do you think about that ? How can you imagine Siri on iPad 2 ? Please, we are interesting to know your opinion by comments below.

Stay tuned for more about Siri on iPad 2 .

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