Top 10 Best iPad Apps for Dads

This late, you maybe thinking that you’re out of time with Father’s Day in full swing. Or you’ve missed it altogether. For some reason. However, there’s actually no need to panic and make a run for the store or call a friend to help you figure things out.

If you’re wanting to give Dad a heck of a wonderful time for now and the rest of his head-of-the-house life, take a deep breath. All you gotta do is take hold of his i-gadget, be it his iPhone or his i-tablet neatly tucked in the corner on an iPad mini keyboard case. And download the following apps.

He may not be aware of it, but these apps will surely make the rest of his waking life not only less burdensome but more enjoyable as well.


If your Dad is wanting to lose those extra pounds or do away with those belly fat that looks like a lifesaver wrapped around his waist, thenWithings Health Mate is timely. And most especially if he’s looking at letting the healthier version of himself emerge: monitoring his blood pressure and making sure he does what it takes. Putting all those health digits and measurements into eye-popping charts and graphs, this app is a dad’s best mate to health.


Cars are an important part of our everyday lives and more often than not, it’s Dad who does the dirty job. Trying to make sure the modern buggy is in tip-top shape. Not an easy job, mind you. But with Car Minder, all the tracking (e.g., oil change, tire rotation, mileage) is a cinch with an easy-to-use interface. It’s so elementary, even Junior can do it.


This could be your sports dad’s dream app, supplying him with all the vital stats, news and updates on everything sports. From the NBA to the World Cup to the Olympics. If it’s sports creating a stir, this has got to be it. So he will never be left out with a conversation. No matter the sports.


Here’s one for the stomach. Grill and the prospect of a neatly-done BBQ, is such a feast it has been a centerpiece for many family gathering. Now Dad need not fret. Whether he’s wanting to do the burgers or produce a rare steak, delectable dinner is never far away as Grilltime not only supplies him with the right info (e.g., recommended grilling times), the app gives him timely notifications.


Here’s a great timesaver ending those countless times wading through FB news feeds. With Filter, Dad can get to the news that matters or the movie details he needs so he can TiVo it later. The app allows users to insert keywords that will block any undesired content. And even give notice as to the number of posts cleansed from his daily feed.


For Dads who out of being so busy routinely loses his iPhone in just about anywhere in the house, this app is heaven-sent. Just install it on an iOS device and make sure you log in with your Apple ID. When you need to locate Dad’s iPhone, Find My iPhone gives you the location in a map. Cool! And if the device is really buried down under, produce a sound. Or if things really look bad, lock the lost i-device remotely and activate a failsafe: erase all data.


This one sounds like it’s going to give you a lift. And it does. Only not on a vertical level from one floor to another.Elevatr gives wings to those brilliant ideas that Dad could be cooking but has never set to motion. The easy-to-navigate app dishes out a traditional business plan to put his ideas in the language understandable to Venture Capitalists and other creative men. Transforming his nifty ideas closer to reality and the millions.


A toast to Dad! Now he doesn’t have to fight over the couch to get his fave sport on TV. With Fanfinder, he gets informed which bar nearest his location is showing his fave team. Utilizing GPS, Dad’s location is easily identified by the app, and with thousands upon thousands of data on sports bar nationwide, find Dad the best place to be. At the best company.


This app is for the sports-parent in Dad. Whether he’s into coaching a Little League team or just being the biggest fan to his kids, HomeTeam is bound to put organization into his quest. So all the schedules and vital data (phone numbers, team rosters, addresses) gets centralized. And if Dad wants to try his hand at multi-team tasking, no sweat. This app will call or text all involved parties, parents or players, in just one single tap. Top that!


Yes, this app will give Dad the best bargains in town and online. With Red Laser, he has only to scan a barcode and the app will give him the best choices, the lowest promotion and prices available online or via a local retailer. And the best part is he can also buy via the app. Now, Dad doesn’t need to get out of the couch just to get the best buys in.