Top iPad Apps for Families

It’s a no-brainer. Families can benefit a lot from technology. Keeping them closer, that is. This is especially pronounced in the apps that we use in our everyday lives.

If you’re thinking about Facebook and Twitter then you certainly are spot on. No argument there. But aside from these universal apps and those that have become household words, there are distinct apps that benefit the family like no other. Putting efficiency and effectivity right at the core of our innermost circle. Here are some of the best:


Keeping track of everyday items could be a challenge. That’s where hipKey can be most useful. With its unique design, knowing where you’ve misplaced your iPad mini keyboard case for your i-tablet, for instance, becomes a cinch.

Chore Monster

Here’s an amazing way to get those daily chores done. With Chore Master, you won’t be needing those pesky chore charts and more importantly you get the job done with everybody smiling.


Preparing dinner is a cinch with ZipList. Not only do you get a variety of cool recipes, you get to have all the required ingredients automatically added to your shopping list. That way you don’t end up having an incomplete dish.


There’s no reason to get those family travels disorganized. With the TripIt app, you won’t have to worry about getting your hotel details right or for that matter, your flight leaves. TripIt gets everything under one roof.


This one’s real nifty. Communication is at the heart of relationships. With Life360 you get an easier way to connect via a simple messaging platform. Moreover, you get to even check the location of your kids, receiving notifications when your child has arrived from school, for instance.

Khan Academy

If you talk about learning for your child or even for you, Khan Academy is your best resource. Especially when your child starts asking questions which could make you squirm on your seat. Complete with thousands of videos and timely articles, from science to art to history, you’ll be setting your kids to the right path to learning in no time.

First Aid by American Red Cross

It’s always best to be ready for whatever unexpected incidents that could befall your family. First First Aid, you are certain you won’t be caught flat-footed whenever an emergency situation unfolds. With step-by-step instructions that easy to follow.
Cozi Family Organizer

This is one app that could give your daily schedule the ironing it badly needs.