Apple Wins Patent for 3D Object Recognition

PatentlyApple reported recently obtained and series of newly granted patents for Apple Inc by the US Patent and Trademark Office. One on them was a great one which is a patent for 3D object recognition that will be a new technology on the next iPads. And who know may be we see this technology on the other future iOS devices.

The report explains:

The recovered 3D shape is the most probable shape consistent with the 2D projections, i.e. the images. The statistical model needs a bank of data, denoted training data, where the 3D positions of the image features are known, in order to learn the parameters of the model. Such data sampling could be done using e.g. binocular or multi-view stereo or range scanners. Once the model parameters are learned, the 3D shape can be computed using one or several images. The 3D shape is then used, by means of the presented invention together with the 2D image data, to identify or verify the object as a particular instance of the object class, e.g. the face belonging to a certain individual. A positive (or negative) identification initiate proper action by means of the presented innovation.

Another report which guesses the next-gen PowerVR GPU from Imagination Technologies will take a leading role in providing Apple with the juice necessary for advanced 3D rendering, even though there is no confirmation by the company till now :

This is likely to be incorporated into a future iteration of the A-Series iPad/iPhone processor that will provide mind-boggling photo-realistic imagery working in concert with Apple’s recent acquisition of C3 Technologies.

If you are interested and want more details hit up PatentlyApple vis