Best Ways to Maximize Cloud Storage

As you may have been aware of, there is no need for you to pay large unnecessary online storage fees to benefit from cloud storage. However, making the most of your new-found file collector is another thing. Here’s how:

Smart Tip #1: Keep an Eye on Storage Limits

The cloud may appeal to us as heaven-sent. A part of that is true. Nevertheless, each free storage that you are getting comes at a limit. So, if your bent into storing those videos and music via cloud you may find yourself maxing up your free storage in no time.

Of course, it’s your call what kind of files you will prioritize to save in your free storage. Nevertheless, you need to keep a close eye on your storage limits.

Smart Tip #2: Don’t forget to encrypt your cloud.

Ok. Keeping in mind that thousands if not millions of other users are also logged into the same cloud service, making sure your data is encrypted is a must. To date, cloud vendor security and ownership in that given space are key issues one has to seriously tackle. In this regard, you could use tools available online that will give you the encryption you need before you dump them into your chosen cloud storage.

Smart Tip #3: Know Your Cloud’s Streaming Capabilities

Not all cloud are created equal. Knowing their distinct capabilities could be paramount for best results. Like putting an iPad to a comfy iPad mini keyboard case.

To boot, many cloud storage simply do not offer music streaming or for that matter, video streaming. Classic examples are Google Drive, DropBox and SugarSync. These are best for documents, presentations and spreadsheet storage. If you’re into streaming music you may want to consider Cloud Drive and Cloud Player.

Smart Tip #4: Use Secure Devices.

Bear in mind that the device you use in accessing your cloud storage plays a big role in the security of your cloud data. You can tap your IT department to help you install needed security features in your mobile device. Or you may want to do it yourself and let secure tools and apps akin to TappIn secure your device for you.

Smart Tip #5: Get Your Clouds Under One Roof.

Having all the different cloud services available to you may be tough when you want to get access. However, putting all these under one roof could be best. There are a lot of tools that will allow you to access needed data from any cloud network. TappIn is one.