How to Use Your iPad to Create Music

For the musician in you, iPad can be your best friend. This is especially true with the iOS 4.2 update which hooked music-lovers to MIDI functionality at its fullest, in their i-tablets.

And though it may not be able to replace your old guitar and its curves, the i-tablet and its functionality can be the best thing that happened to your music career. Aside from hearing your very own song on radio, of course, and grabbing a nice sweet spot in the Billboard countdowns.

Get your iPads out everyone and put them on those sleek iPad mini keyboard case, here are some of the best apps that can help you carry your musical career a notch higher:


Without question, GarageBAND has been a staple in many of today’s up and coming musicians. Its ability to plug in a MIDI controller and to a slew of virtual instruments along with the recording studio is a killer feature for most musicians. Added to this, you can experiment with ‘smart’ instruments to explore new sounds.


If you want to review your music, Notion can be your best bet. This is basically a notation editor that allows you to do a playback. And it’s a cinch as you can enter notes via the on-screen keyboard. Added to this, a host of functions is supported (e.g., harmonics, slides, vibrato) making the app perfect for the composer in you.


There is always a big hump of a challenge especially for aspiring guitar players who are studying a recorded piece of music. Not with TEFview. If you’re into tabs, short for tablature, then this one will blow you away. And with special features like MIDI playback with speed control to slow things done, you’d be on top of your guitar playing in no time.

Pro Metronome

This your regular Metronome on steroids. No kidding. This iPad app will give you the beats to your music and will even project a visual representation on your TV via AirPlay.

insTuner – Chromatic Tuner

One of the more taxing job of a musician is tuning. With insTuner around however, that may become a thing of the past. Capable of tuning almost – if not all – stringed musical instruments that man has invented, this app combines great chromatic tuning and ease-of-use. You can even tune your guitar through line-in mode utilizing iRig to get your guitar hooked to your i-tablet in a jiffy.


This one transforms your iPad into a multi-effects processor machine. Of course, this could not replace your fave gear in when you’re on a gig, but this is a perfect practice aid especially when you’re on the road – and don’t want to attach a bunch of gear to your guitar.


Well, if you’re a synthesizer fan, you won’t be disappointed with Animoog. A polyphonic synthesizer, the app includes classic Moog oscillator waveforms and with MIDI in you can’t get any closer to a true synth musical experience. Additionally, you’ll shed $29.99 when you use this app.

DM1 – The Drum Machine

Your iPad may be a little clumsy when you turn it into a mini-keyboard. However, with DM1 your i-tablet can be the closest thing you get to having real drums. For starters, the touch screen provides a good imitation for
drum pads. Additionally, it’s far cheaper than the real one.


Now, for a twist. ThumbJam does not provide your run-of-the-mill keyboard instead it turns your fave i-tablet into a musical instrument. Just pick a key and a scale and you’re good to go. With this app, you can start playing your iPad like any musical instrument. And you guess it right you’d need your thumb moving up and down the screen to produce beautiful music. Available also on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Hokusai Audio Editor

Ever wanted to produce wonderful records. You can with Hokusai Audio Editor. Utilizing multiple track recording and getting those filters and effects to the tracks you’ve employed is as easy as ABC. And the best thing is it won’t cost you a shirt. Just do in-app purchases to expand capabilities (e.g., grain synthesis, reverb, modulation).