Circket to be the first prepaid carrier to sell iPhones


In the beginning, the iPhone was only available for one carrier: ATT.  After their contract expired many of the major carriers started making iPhones available to their network.  However, not all carriers went this route; pay as you go services … [Read more...]

When “Stay Tuned” draws many to do so

When “Stay Tuned” draws many to do so

Hints are not really something which everyone wants to hear, given their tendency to be vague, unclear and undefined. But when someone like Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, hints with a “a stay tuned”, thought balloons over the heads of those who … [Read more...]

Listen to FM radio on the iPhone


There are many great applications such as Pandora for streaming music on the iPhone, but what if you just want to listen to the plain old radio? Even though the iPhone doesn’t have specific hardware to do so, it’s still possible to stream local radio … [Read more...]

Three iPhone Tips and Tricks worth knowing about


As a mobile, the iPhone is a fully-featured device that is capable of doing all sorts of things, from snapping pictures, browsing web pages, and handling enhanced modern communications. Fully-featured as iPhones are, there are some tips and tricks … [Read more...]

Former Apple Engineers Hired for “Facebook Phone”?


Talk was rife of Facebook developing a “Facebook Phone” some months back, found in various forum sites and electronic media watchguards, telling about Facebook’s intention in going beyond the online social network arena. Back then, rumors of HTC … [Read more...]

Transportation Security Administration’s Apple-inclined intent


The Transportation Security Admission (TSA) is reported to be looking into investing a whooping $3 million on a thousand Apple mobiles and a thousand Apple computers, based on reports telling of recently discovered documents said to come from the … [Read more...]

Jailbreak Update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, released

Jailbreak Update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, released

As Apple recently (though silently) released an update for the iOS, a jailbreak update had also been released, though any connection between the timely release of the two remains to be labeled as a matter of coincidence. Dubbed as Absinthe 2.0 iOS … [Read more...]

iOS 5.1.1 Update released twice?

iOS 5.1.1 Update released twice

Last Friday, Apple released an iOS update for the GSM iPhone 4, dubbed the iOS 5.1.1 update (GSM only). What’s strange about this update was that no official statement over what it is supposed to “fix” for iPhone 4 units has been released, along … [Read more...]

The promised power of Wunderlist


For office team leaders and team members, Wunderlist is a nifty app to have, available in different platform versions for mobiles and computer systems. Primarily a “to-do” management and organization app, Wunderlust is made to streamline the … [Read more...]

Mac Pro Petitions well on the rise

mac pro

Given that there haven’t been any recent updates on the Mac Pro lineup, petitions calling for more details and information related to it are on the rise. Snubbed from updates for almost two years, professional-level desktop users are asking Apple … [Read more...]