5 Quick Easy Steps to Add Life to Your iPhone 5 Battery

So finally, you’ve got the latest wonder in town, the newest offering from the Cupertino-based tech giant: the much-coveted iPhone 5. In no time (by design), the wonder-gadget gets you all pumped up – leaving you gaga over a seemingly endless supply of fodder-apps.

Slowly you are becoming a professed Appleholic as the minutes turn to hours, not unlike those iPad netizens who just can’t get enough of their i-tablet (especially when it’s settled on a suitable iPad keyboard case). But alas and alack, the joyride takes an ugly turn. Out of the blue, it dawns on you that your “mighty iPhone” (as awesome as it is), is still very much a finite device.
iPhone 5 Battery
You get a low battery warning notification.

Before you start yelling and eventually ruining your day over a “lifeless, useless” smartphone, here are 5 quick, easy steps to get your i-device up and running the longest.

1. Put a cap on email fetching. Push services are like a large rat nibbling on a big cheese. Ultimately, the cheese disappears. No contest. Push email can easily gobble up a huge chunk of your iPhone’s power – bit by bit. If you’re not expecting anything substantial, you may as well turn it off. Go to Settings then select > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Lastly, go to Fetch New Data and toggle “Push” to off.

2. Minimize Brightness. Lighting up the iPhone’s iOS screen to a maximum will surely eat up a huge chunk of your battery life. For a more relaxed and controlled brightness, head to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper and adjust your “lighting” accordingly.

3. Deactivate Location Services. The GPS chip is one power-hungry chip. Unless you’re on a road trip and need to be tracked, putting your Location Services off may be best. Again, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and toggle the service to “Off” to save on needed energy.

4. Turn WiFi and Bluetooth on only when needed. Otherwise put them off. Both WiFi and Bluetooth are important. They get you latched into the internet or fetch you files for convenience. However, these are also notorious power-eaters. When activated the WiFi feature is always on the prowl for WiFi hotspots consuming power in the process. The same goes for the Bluetooth feature.

Visit Settings > Wifi and toggle the feature to “Off”. As for Bluetooth go to Settings > Bluetooth to deactivate the feature to “Off”.

5. Turn that LTE off. LTE is God-sent when you talk about increasing your cellular data speed. But when you talk about your precious battery life for you iPhone, LTE sure does have a huge appetite. Turn this feature off to save energy – a most sound advice if you’re living in a 3G/4G-only zone. Go to Settings > General > Cellular and toggle “Enable LTE” to Off.

It may take some practice but once you’ve made a habit out of these 5 quick, easy steps, saving up needed energy for your beloved iPhone 5 becomes a breeze.

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