5 Social Media Network Deadly Sins

In more ways than one, technology has made linking with someone whether personally or professionally a lot easier. Services like LinkedIn and Facebook, for instance, allows people to build social networks even without leaving the comforts of a 4-walled room. But word of caution: Like a proverbial Damocle’s Sword of old, improper handling of one’s social network could transform one into a social outcast – a pariah.

In the world of i-devices and iPad mini keyboard, of 4-D printing and cloning, here are 5 Social Media traits one should avoid like the plague. Assuming you’re one who wants to wear your online reputation heads high – with pride.
1. Hoarding.

You may have a “superstar” mentality and aim to get millions of friends in your MySpace or FB account. Well, if you’re a recording artist or a budding international comedian chasing fame, getting an extra mile on publicity might be your cup of tea. However, collecting people like collecting Panini FIBA World Cup cards could be counter-productive.

Everybody has different value to your business or your personal network. And more importantly, not everybody will be able to contribute to your cause or your network, business or otherwise. Being picky is therefore wise. Letting somebody in your network whose life’s focus is dance and ballet, for instance, could be detrimental to your current circle who are into scuba and the unrestricted discovery of the beauty of the ocean. The more time you spend with an ‘outsider’, the less time you spend with the people that truly matters.

2. Mooching.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. True. But nobody wants a friend who just appears everytime when he’s in need. That’s taking advantage, plain and simple. That’s why it’s important that you keep in touch with the people in your network every now and then. You need not talk or text to them everyday. But saying hi and taking time to talk every once in a while can pay huge dividends for people in your network. Not because you want to ask them a favor or two in time, but because you truly care.

3. Neglecting.

Your network is pretty much like a garden. If you continually take care of it, of the relationships therein, you’d see it grow by leaps and bounds. Naturally. On the contrary, neglecting your network can have disastrous results as your contacts could slip by you one by one. Again, naturally.

If you’re traveling always, you could draw up a list of people you know within a 50-mile radius from where you’re staying and schedule time to meet up. Chitchat and share a pizza or two perhaps. Some people may need a lift more than the others. Like those looking for a job, for instance. Giving them ample support and attention speaks volumes on everybody in your circle.

4. Preying.

It’s natural: We want to live our lives and not just become part of somebody’s sales list. Yes, nobody wants to receive spam. And that holds true even in social media circles. So even if people may not have verbally told you to stop, go the middle road and take caution.

5. Intruding.

Must you comment on a person’s home page every time he/she signs on. If so, you’re becoming too close for comfort. And downright scary. Truly, it’s not healthy. Learn to give people space to not become intrusive. That way, your time and comments gets appreciated once you put them on the table. Not to mention your friendship.

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