50B app download countdown begins

Macstories reports that the Cupertino-based brand has began the countdown to 50 billion app downloads from App Store.

50 billion app downloadsApple, in line with the upcoming milestone, has pledged to reward the 50 billionth downloader with a $10,000 App Store Gift Card, one which he or she could use in purchasing digital content like movies, music and videos.

Launched in 2008, the App Store has played an integral role in how electronic consumers now purchase their digital goods. The entity has also played a crucial role in the standards of distributing digital content, conveniently reaching a broader, more immersed consumer base.

The success of Apple’s App Store has inspired other players in the mobile industry to setup their versions of the online venue, making the dynamics of a mobile OS-accessible digital store a definite standard.

In 2009, a similar countdown was spearheaded by Apple, taking note of the 1 billionth app downloader. A 10 billion app download countdown followed by January 2011, which was then followed by another countdown, this time ticking to 25 billion downloads.

Apart from the $10,000 gift card to be awarded to the 50 billionth app downloader, 50 downloaders following after the 50 billionth download will be awarded a $500 Apple Store Gift Card.

A cursory look at Apple’s App Store download countdown notes that there is an increasing trend in their download number’s. From 1 billion to 10 billion, the current countdown says a lot about how effective the App Store’s overall premise is in being the preferred choice when it comes to the distribution and purchase of digital content.

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