A Cheaper Brazilian iPhone 4 about to come to life

We have just received reports from Gizmodo, which is basically the Brazilian Gizmodo, that they have got their hand on pictures of the iPhone that will be announced in the coming few days. They got it from the Foxconn factory itself where they had their men inside doing the job.  They found a new SKU iPhone that looks like the old iPhone 4.

The pictures look like they are just of the iPhone 4, but when you look at the last picture you will notice that it is of a Foxconn Brazil quality control form. What do you notice? Yes, that’s right the iPhone in question has a different model number which is N90A. We have already heard rumors about this model that it is intended to be the cheaper iPhone 4.

It doesn’t look like they will be out and ready to be purchased any time soon though, as they do not seem to have the Apple manufacturing standards approval yet. Still, this is good news for those waiting for a more affordable iPhone.

For the rest of you that is waiting anxiously to get your hand on the next generation iPhone, you’ll just have to keep waiting only a few more days, when Apple will finally put our minds to rest.