A “low-cost” iMac to be launched soon?

Prior to the release of the iPhone 5C, the notion of Apple coming up with “low-cost” product variants seemed to be unlikely, considering how the brand had established itself in offering only premium rated devices that are made from the finest of materials and builds.

But as the iPhone 5C proved by being, the Cupertino-based IT giant is no longer turning a blind eye to “low-cost” alternatives to their premium rated product lines, making the rumors of a “low-cost” iMac reportedly on the works sound like a real thing.

Based on the analysis of KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo (who has made a habit out of accurately predicting Apple’s product rollouts and launchings in the past), it appears that a “low-cost” iMac is to be expected in Apple’s 2014 product lineup, along with other additions which the analyst has described as “bright spots”.


The “others” in this analysis would include a redesigned 12 inch MacBook Air with Retina display.

Considering that Apple will be hosting its annually held Worldwide Developers Congress by June, the idea of Apple introducing its rumored “low-cost” iMac doesn’t really come as far fetched.

Given how other players in the desktop industry have found a niche in the all-in-one personal computer segment, a “low-cost” iMac will certainly shake things up for the personal computer industry – if not wrack the nerves of all-in-one PC machine makers like HP and Lenovo.

Though still a rumor, the word of a “low-cost” iMac has been well-accepted by most netizens and digital media outfits, a state that essentially stems from the average electronic consumer’s lessening interest in desktop computers.

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