Alfred: An Effective Alternative to Quicksilver

While not originally intent on taking the Quicksilver’s spot as the top Mac OS program designed to streamline the calling of system actions, Alfred is certainly an impressive configurable keyboard shortcut command utility designed for OS X Systems.

Designed to simplify system-specific actions like launching applications with keyboard shortcuts, the utility can be configured by users to quickly find contacts, readily create new emails and/or drafts, and more.


Compatible with a range of plugins and developed to be configurable to work with scripts, Mac OS X users are sure to find a lot of functional uses for Alfred, whose core functionality is rooted on the simplification of functions, operations and commands.

Lightweight in terms of hardware resource demands and customizable via themes, the app can be used as an alternative file browser that bears an all-too-familiar and easy to comprehend user interface – truly making it a productivity powerhouse that is more than about calling commands and specific scripts.

The app also comes with saved settings synchronization support, a feature that can be accomplished through the use of popular cloud storage services like Dropbox. The suite’s intuitive search function is also quite impressive, allowing users the option of actually setting custom searches and scans.

Long story short, if you find the OS X default system command actions a bit too clunky, give Alfred a go ( You’d be amazed at how simple running your Mac using keyboard shortcuts can be, just as how you’d certainly be wowed by the novel functions and features boasted by the suite.

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