Alleged “iPhone 5S” parts, surfaces

A featured entry by No Where Else took the details discussed in a Japanese forum site, touching up on the purported parts of Apple’s upcoming “iPhone 5S”.

Based on the report, the parts featured in it says a lot about what electronic consumers have to expected from the product, with a “home button” being the subject of piqued interests. Bearing similarities with the iPhone 5, the alleged home button for the “iPhone 5S” comes with new circuits and connectors, essentially making it different from the hardware installed in the iPhone 5.

Alleged “iPhone 5S” parts, surfaces

The vibration component of the “iPhone 5S” was also featured in the post, but its posting has led many in questioning its actual authenticity, given that its image doesn’t come with serial numbers or other identifying codes.

The post has led to many questioning the actual authenticity of the featured “iPhone 5S” parts, given the fact that effectively identifying them as genuine or hoaxes is nearly impossible to do.

After all, anyone with ample Photoshop skills could easily come up with the supposed parts of any given handset.

But based on the number of rumors surrounding Apple’s iPhone release cycle for this year, the Cupertino-based giant is expected to roll out a cheaper variant of its premium iPhone series by Summer, with the said handset to be made with plastic components without the “resolutionary” features of the brand’s Retina Display.

All in all, the No Where Else posting of alleged “iPhone 5S” parts stand to mark the rise of a new online trend: more “iPhone 5S” leaks and rumors are bound to arise in the next couple of months.

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