Amazon announces the $199 Kindle Fire Tablet (Videos)

We poster recently that Amazon was going to announce its new tablet, the Kindle Fire. Even though the actual hardware does not in any way compete with the iPad, however this tablet is becoming more appealing to customers due to its price. It is a great tablet that allows the access to millions of application, games, songs, movies, TV shows and books, all for just $199.

Kindle Fire TV Commercial in this Video :

On top of the massive library content that is available for users, Amazon has also a huge magazine offering. The Kindle Fire is powered by an unknown dual=core processor. The Kindle Fire weighs 14.6 ounces which is equivalent to 0.4 kilograms. Initial impressions of the Kindle Fire is that it is really fast and you can easily go from one application to the other.

The Kindle also has free Amazon Cloud Storage, which uses the famous Amazon cloud system. Not only can the user add and delete any component easily, they can also sync all their contents across a number of devices. This is of course due to Amazon’s WhisperSync. For example users that play a movie on their Kindle and on their TV at the same time, isn’t that helpful?

Kindle Friends Commercial in this Video :


As we have mention in previous posts many times, the Kindle Fire has a 7-inch screen display and IPS touch panel with a Gorilla Glass screen. Its pixel density is 169 pixels per inch, which is quite a high number. Amazon has their cloud infrastructure to thank for the high speed for this Kindle tablet.

Note that Amazon’s new Silk browser working in a manner which is called “split architecture”. This means that it is part in clod and part in local and this removed most of the limitations that a local browser has. This is very smart as Silk will actually cache the next page you’re likely to use based on typical usage patterns. Amazing!

Now isn’t it great that it is only prices at $199? We can confirm that it is available now for order from Amazon and will start shipping on November 15th.

It is defiantly the best tablet for that price now in the market.


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