Amazon trying to create competition for the iPad with their Kindle Fire

Amazon is getting ready for big, much awaited event on Wednesday, when they are planning to launch their 7-inch tabled in New York. The Android device will be marketed under Kindle Fire moniker in order to differentiate it from the family of Kindle e-readers. This device is Manufactured by Foxconn, which Apple’s favorite contract manufacturer. The company boasts that the device is is a seven-inch color touchscreen and won’t have an email client preloaded. The user will be able to download one from its mobile application and store  and use a built in browser for web mail.

Peter Kafka, author for AllThingD, writes that the online retailer is cutting is partnerships with Hollywood studios and magazine publishers. Fox has recently been added t o its streaming catalog as to what Kafka has reported today. He also explains that this deal includes the channel Fox will no longer air old movies such as  “Office Space,” “Speed” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”. It has also been reported that the following magazines,  Hearst, Conde Nast and Meredith, have thrown their weight behind Amazon.

The terms of the agreement are said to be similar to that offered by Apple’s iTunes content store. We are expecting Amazon’s new tablet to benefit greatly from Amazon’s many cloud services and partnerships with content providers. This is what is unique about Amazon and what differentiates it from other suppliers, also its online store.

This puts Amazon in a position where they can sell subcriptions to digital magazines for example. Even if these things requier permissions and a lot of paper work the fact that Amazon sells tangibles and non-tangibles is their competitive advantage over any other  tablet player out there. This will put Amazon sales ahead of any other Android tables provider.


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