An Apple iPhone Must- Have

It’s undeniable the iPHone 5 continues to make waves since its release to the general public last October 2011. The features and functionalities have greatly improved from the Apple iPhone 4 with more unique specs. Living up to its name, the Apple iPhone is still the “most amazing Phone ever.”

What does it make it so amazing? Let’s go into specifics. Talking about improvement, the first one no doubt, is the inclusion of its Dual Core Processor, much speedier than its predecessor which only uses the A4 Single Core processor.

Another amazing feature is the better camera resolution of 8MP, an exact innovation from the previous model’s 5MP camera. What makes this version tick? This new camera enables the user to capture photos in very high quality and even allow recording of videos of up to 1080p HD quality. Now, beat that?

An Apple iPhone Must- Have
What continues to make the iPhone 5 amazing is its virtual assistant “Siri”. Although Galaxy has S voice, the iPhone’s “Siri” continues to dominate, employing less navigation and more commands in accessing certain awesome applications. “Siri” does things for you.

Ok, now, with all the new improvements, what are other dramatic changes in the outside appearance of the iPHone 5? It is obvious that there are no outside specs that have been installed lately. This means that it actually looks the same with that of the iPhone 4. The Apple Company has stood strong in saying that the ergonomics is plainly perfect for the person who uses it.

With little to no changes at all in the appearance, even the touch screen has also no improvements. The problems of the iPhone 4 that used to be prone to scratches and dust build-up, is still becoming more prone to scratches and more accumulative of dust. Why aren’t there no changes at all when every smartphone user will agree that the touch screen is the most important part of the smart phone?

The touch screen should be carefully protected to benefit all the many features of the amazing Apple iPhone. With this, a screen guard for the Apple iPhone 5 is a must-have. It is not just a chosen accessory, where users can just opt to have it or not, but a requirement to fight off dust build-up and stay from scratches. The price tag of iPhones is no joke that is why it is essential to protect the phone from the risk of malfunctions. Also, besides these two being able to protect your phone, it can also boost the sensitivity of touch screen, making it easier to use. Making these add-ons and purchases will ultimately prove beneficial to you.

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