Angry Birds dominates Christmas Day downloads

By now, it is no secret that the last Christmas Day proved to be quite active with device activations and downloads, with records noting that there had been more than 50 million Android and iOS activations taking place between December 25 to December 30.

The reason behind the sudden increase isn’t really all that complicated to surmise, with many opening their presents in brand new tablets and/or smartphones on Christmas day, following that opening with app downloads and increased mobile online activities.

Angry Birds
So what did people with brand new tablets and smartphones download first?

A report published in The Next Web notes that Rovio Entertainment had recently shared how well its products had performed during the holiday season, noting that there had been 30 million Angry Birds downloads which took place over Christmas, with 8 million of that 30 happening on Christmas day.

The same report also indicates that Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds still hosts 200 million active users on a monthly basis, a feat that is backed by Angry Birds’ record of surpassing one billion downloads in May of 2012.

When compared against the 17.5 million iOS and Android activations reported to have taken place on Christmas Day, it can be assumed that more than half of those new activations would have certainly downloaded Angry Birds over the holiday season.

The figures, as they essentially say a lot about how huge Android and iOS tablets and mobiles are becoming, also says a lot about how Rovio’s endearing game title is leading the way in app download stats.

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