Another “discovered” iOS 6 limitation

The release of the Beta version of Apple’s iOS 6 for mobile devices has been the subject of a lot of queries and “road test trials”, resulting to a number of concerns affecting iOS users, network service providers and Apple.

From reactions delving into questioning the potential service cost included in the use of FaceTime with 3G cellular networks, another iOS 6 limitation had been recently “discovered”, though it is one limitation which can’t really be pegged as a major iOS 6 issue – the version is said to have problems when 500 or more apps is installed.

Though the chances of the average iOS 6 user actually installing at lest 500 apps are slim, a number of iOS 6 Beta testers report that the new mobile OS version can’t handle 500 or more apps installed, which is slated to be a point of concern pertaining to the stability and integrity of the new iOS 6 version.

Reports reveal that an iOS 6 device would sluggishly run and eventually “lock up” in mid operation when there are at least 500 apps installed in a given iDevice, leaving users with rebooting the device as the only option in resolving slow performance variables.

The funny thing, apart from forecasting that every iDevice user would actually install more than 500 apps, is that Apple has actually acknowledged the issue, and announced that a fix is being worked on.

The whole situation makes one think about apps and the number of apps an average user would have need of.

Seriously… would you actually need to install more than 500 apps for your iPhone to work for you?

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