App Filters Calls Through Brain Waves

Have you heard of Bionic Limbs? This is robotic limb especially made for physically challenged people. The artificial limb automatically responds to brain waves in the nervous system so the person can use it just like an ordinary limb. It’s the same with the wheel chair with a sensor cap developed by Toyota, the device can move around with just the brain’s command. Neat!

Last year, Ruggero Scorcioni’s Good Times app was developed to screen incoming calls from a mobile device, this app is intended for busy users. It simply screens calls by detecting the mood and the present state of the recipient’s brain.

Good Times App with Developer

The iOS app won an AT&T Mobile App Hackathon that pairs with the cute Necomimi Cat Ears. The headset reads brain waves to monitor a brain’s activity that leads to taking the call, or rerouting it to the user’s voicemail. If the recipient’s brain is busy or too focused with a certain task, the calls are automatically filtered, if the recipient is receptive, it lets the call through. However, this app is customizable to make sure important calls will always get through.

Scorcioni also conceptualized Good Tunes, which is yet to be developed, where a device would play music that best matches the headset wearer’s mood through reading the present brainwaves. But that’s another story.

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