Apple Diversifying Memory Suppliers

Digitimes‘ report that Apple is currently continuing to diversify its suppliers and changing from the previous supplier ‘Samsung‘.

Reports claim that Apple has in fact increased its purchases of DRAM and NAND flash from Japan, stating that Toshiba and Elpida Memory are those of the names that will be benefiting from this diversification.

As well known that Apple and Samsung have been in legal battles over patent claims concerning Apple’s iOS devices and Samsung’s Galaxy line. These battles are thought to be the reason why Apple has decided to diversify it’s suppliers. Apple has previously  stated to have moved to TSMC for the production of A6 processor in 2012. Although, Samsung hasthreatened to sue Apple over the iPhone 5.

Apple rapidly became the biggest customer for Samsung,signing contracts worth over $7.8 billion in parts in 2011. Apple seems to be doing everything it can to shift those contracts to Samsung’s competitors over the next year.

Via Macrumors

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