Apple Promotes Apps instead of only Gadgets

It is evident that electronic brands have been steady in promoting their wares, focusing on their devices as the stellar superstars which would grab countless consumers’ attentions.

However, a feature recently run by Apple Insider notes that Apple is taking on a new stance regarding the matter, focusing on apps this time around, not just the brand’s iPad and iPad Mini.

Focusing on a new shared library of 300,000 aps, Apple has embarked on a new “advertising and promotions” path, significantly delving away from how its competitors have been promoting their products.

Presented as a campaign targeting the iPad and iPad Mini, the revamped advertising campaign trails the spotlight on different applications developed for different users, with the iPad and iPad Mini boasting the versatile capacity of running the said apps.

As with Apple’s take on marketing, the new campaign simply views different apps in different tenses, with apps designed for educational purposes labeled as “Elementary”. Apps develop for audiophiles are banded as “Ear Opening” apps, while “Well Versed” is the handle used to denote ebook readers and other similarly functional apps.

Graphics-intensive apps are aptly labeled as “Mind Watering”.

As a campaign, Apple has certainly gone into a unique direction, one that isn’t altogether new but refreshing, relevant and realistic in its overall scope.

To certain extent, the new campaign takes on a broader stance with the general mobile market, with it simply heralding a simple fact: with Apple, you don’t only get quality products but quality complementary products that work for your needs.

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