Apple Testing A 15-Inch UltraThin MacBook

We posted a number of posts about the upgrade in Apple’s MacBook models that we are expecting to see in the forseeable future. This new model appear on Apple’s online store with better processors, more storage capacity and better graphics for the 15-inch. This device is considered to be an extension of the MacBook Air family and the 17-inch  MacBook Pro.

There are now rumors that are claiming that Apple are planning a launch for this product sooner that you would expect. Of course this is great news. As the rumors have it they state that Apple is done with the testing phase of this 15-inch ultraportable model. The next generation MacBook Pro models are said to have a lack in the built-in optical disc drive which results in an ultra-thin MacBook.

However, it is reported that the MacBook Pro line will be completely redesigned in 2012. As we have mentioned before the future MacBooks  are expected to feature Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge processors, which as it seems will arrive sometime early next year.


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