Apple to push MacBook Pro refresh to November

Just yesterday we posted for all you MacBook customers out there, that we will be expecting a new MacBook Pro to be launches sometime late next week. The only change that we were going to notice is the speed as not much else has been changed. We were told that this was due to the new Intel processor that was launched called “Sandy Bridge”.

We have now received reports from AppleInsider, to state otherwise. They reported that the MacBook Pro will most likely to launch early next month.

The source said that once the release dates for the iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S were confirmed, the launch date for the MacBook Pro was delayed, as Apple have put all their available resources to support the current launch. Therefore they have moved the MacBook Pro launch date from next week till sometime in November.

Digitimes reports that Catcher Technology,  Apple’s primary MacBook Pro and MacBook Air aluminum case supplier, has shut down dur to over pollution concernes and that they are investing  $2-3 million to investigate these concerns that have been going around in their plant. They are planning to re-start the production line next month after the investigations are over and the problem solved.

Reports have claimed that Appl has reduced its production to only the current MacBook Pro model, which has lead third-party re-sellers to experience shortages and stock-outs of the MacBook Pro.

We are waiting for this to pass and for production to resume as normal hoping that no one gets their order for a MacBook Pro delayed.

Via Macrumors


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