Apple's 2011 Annual Report

Apple has filed its 2011 annual report with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, to view the whole document you can do this here. We pointed a few interesting pointers while reading this report.

1. Apple has 60,400 full time employees, this number is a noticeable increase from last year’s figure of 46,600 employees. 36,000 of these employees are employed in the retail division, again this number shows a massive increase of around 10,000 employees.

2. Apple now has 357 stores, which is 40 stores more than last year. When calculated the average number of employees per each store would be roughly from 84 to 100 employees.

3. The ad spending went up from $691 million to $933 million, while dropping as a percentage of revenues to 0.8% from 1.0%. Research and development expenses saw an increase from 36% to $2.4 billion, however, as a percentage of revenues R&D fell from 3% to 2.2%. So not good signs for the revenue.

4. Included in this document was a list of risk factors that could affect investments in the company. The most important of those were:

  • If Apple is found to have infringed on intellectual property rights
  • If they were found to get support from third-party software developers
  • And also if the Company’s ability to obtain components in sufficient quantities
5. Apple is known to have owned or leased about 13.2 million square feet or building space which is mainly in the United States but also includes places in Europe, Japan, Canada, and the Asia-Pacific regions. The company’s main headquarters which is located in Cupertino, California will be demolished to build a second corporate campus. This campus is approximately 2.6 million square feet.
6. The final point that we want to point out is that the company hopes that for the foreseeable future it will retain any earnings for use in the operation of its business.
There are the main points that we thought that you might be interested in. To sum up the report, during the year of 2o11 Apple has seen more hiring and more sales, however no divined comings. If you have had a look at the document was there anything else that you found interesting?

Via Macrumors

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