Apple’s 8GB iPhone 5C

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C last year, the company made it clear that the 5C was intended to be the less costly variant of the latest iPhone line, positioned with a lower price point intended for the consumption of emerging markets.

Just recently, the company introduced another variant of the iPhone 5C, which essentially comes with a smaller storage volume capacity rated at 8 gigs.

Introduced in Belgium, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, and Switzerland, the “new” iPhone model is essentially no different from other iPhone 5C incarnations, minus perhaps its 8 gig storage drive.

apple iphone 5C 8 GB

As an iDevice, the 8 gig iPhone 5C actually affords users with 4.9 gigs of usable storage space, with the rest of its storage drive chip dedicated for its internal software system’s storage requirements for its successful operation.

As the new “entry level” iPhone 5C, this is not the first time an 8 gig version made its debut, since it was initially introduced last month in China, the United Kingdom, Australia and in Germany.

Its introduction to new areas however, says something about how bullish Apple has become in propagating its circulation, and given that not all of the areas it has been introduced to can be described as emerging markets.

Though the cheapest iPhone variant remains to be the iPhone 4S, the introduction of the cheaper 8 gig iPhone 5C has been viewed by many as Apple’s move in trying to get more and more electronic consumers to get an iPhone.

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