Apple's Aluminum Unibody iPhone 5, and Low-cost iPhone 4S

The analyst Chris Whitmore expects the two long awaited new iPhone models sales to be higher than the expected by Apple. His review on the model iPhone 4S that it is a handset with a bill of material cost lower than $150, and this will let Apple to sell it for between $300 and $350.

Whitmore this low costs in producing the new iPhone to give Apple a greater place in the market. This will allow Apple to take an even greater place in the smartphone sales market, as he estimated that there will be about 1 billion prepaid customers. He believes that Apple will as to his own words “drastically expand” in the next few months.

The much awaited iPhone 4S could be seen by many as an 8GB iPod touch with an added cellular antenna. If it was sold for more than $300, Whitmore believes that it will achieve margins around 50% to what it could if it were to be sold for less. He added to his note that the 8GB iPod touch is now selling for $229 and has margins of about 38%.

He noted to investors in Monday that he expects that the Apple’s fifth generation iPhone will be a completely redesigned handset. He particularly said that he is expecting the device to have an aluminum unibody construction to replace the glass back of the iPhone 4 that is presently available.

On another note, Whitmore believes that the iPhone 5 will have a better camera and a larger screen size. There have been a lot of rumors that suggest that the next handset will and and 8 megapixel camera and an edge to edge screen. The first claims about the aluminum back first started in March this year, when Apple announced that they will be getting rid of the glass in their aim to make their handset lighter. There were also claims in August the Apple’s iPhone 5 will have a metal chassis replacing the glass that was in the iPhone 4, backing the claims that started in March this year.

There have also been many leaks that the company’s overseas supply chain is showing a handset that is very similar to that of the iPhone 4, some of the reports have said that these are pictures of the new cheaper iPhone 4S, while others claim that they are images of the iPhone 5 that will look the same as the current model.

Although there have been no reports showing that the iPhone 5 will be drastically different a number of third-party cases have shown a redesigned device with the curved sides leading to a flat back. We at SmashiPhone reported about this device earlier today, but have now received claims that it might not be a large device and might in fact be the new iPhone 5.

Australian Vodafone has today put up a page for what is now known as the upcoming iPhone 5, calling it this year’s biggest smartphone release. However, it is clear that Vodafone is just giving interest in the customers demand and that there may be many that want to update their phones, and even if it does intend to end the rumors, isn’t that nice of them. We are all waiting for the 4th of October when Apple intends to announce its next generation iPhones.

Via BGR ,iClarified

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